Fundraiser Reward – Video Game Truck

ZEPTO Winners – Principal, P.E. Coach, and Librarian for the Day

Choir and Orchestra Winter Concert

5th Grade Christmas Lunch

DOJO Reward – Christmas Sweater Day

November/December Star Student Lunch

DOJO Reward – ZHS Wrestling Meet

Students who earned this DOJO reward attended a special demonstration by the ZHS wrestling team.

CME students paint ornaments for the governor’s mansion.

Students in Mr. Alello’s art class painted ornaments for the Christmas tree at the governor’s mansion.

Special Olympics Bowling Tournament

5th Grade ELA Starbucks Coffeehouse Lesson

5th grade students in Mrs. Boswell’s class had so much fun pretending they were at Starbucks today. Students enjoyed some hot chocolate while they read and annotated nonfiction articles to get ready for their next research essay!

2019 Veterans Day Program

DOJO Reward Day – Costumes!

5th grade cultural research project presentations

October Star Student Lunch

Congratulations to our October 2019 Star Students!

6th grade LIGO Field Trip

5th grade ELA “Game Day” Activity

Students had to “score” the practice anchor sets of the Research Writing Task by “kicking” their footballs from the 50 yard line all the way to the touchdown line.  Each 10 yards was a new writing to score.  When they reached the touchdown, they had to write down their “goals” for their own research writing and make a PLAN of action!  

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