2019-2020 Copper Mill Elementary Faculty

Click here to access MOODLE.

Student moodle logins are as follows:

firstname.lastname2026 (6th grade)
firstname.lastname2027 (5th grade)

*Password is  first initial last initial last 4 numbers of their SSN.

example: john.doe2026              jd0000

*To login, click on the course, then a login screen will come up.
After you login, on the next screen, choose “Enroll Me.”

*If you have any questions or concerns,
please email jennifer.moak@zacharyschools.org

Moodle Instructions For Students

To email a Zachary Community School Board employee use the following convention: firstname.lastname@zacharyschools.org.


Angela Cassard, Principal

Jonathan Coats, Assistant Principal

Jess Patti, Assistant Principal

Jonathan McClinton, Administrative Dean


Ketra Adolph, 5th Grade ELA –   Ketra.Adolph@zacharyschools.org

Darryl Alello, Art – Darryl.Alello@zacharyschools.org

Tara Alleman – 6th Grade Science – Tara.Alleman@zacharyschools.org

Frank Barbrie, PE – Frank.Barbrie@zacharyschools.org

April Barnes, PE – April.Barnes@zacharyschools.org

Gary Bertrand, PE – Gary.Bertrand@zacharyschools.org

Chelsea Boswell, 5th Grade ELA – Chelsea.Holtzclaw@zacharyschools.org


Annie Carlson, Orchestra – Annie.Carlson@zacharyschools.org

Lyndsey Cross, 6th Grade ELA – Lyndsey.Cross@zacharyschools.org

Scott Dieterich, PE – Scott.Dieterich@zacharyschools.org

Glenda Dufour, Sped Aide – Glenda.Dufour@zacharyschools.org

Adanma Dukes, 5th grade Science & 6th grade Math – Adanma.Dukes@zacharyschools.org


Christopher Ernest, PE – Christopher.Ernest@zacharyschools.org

Mary Falbaum, 6th Grade Social Studies – Mary.Falbaum@zacharyschools.org

Adam Fevella, 6th Grade Social Studies – Adam.Fevella@zacharyschools.org

Rachele Foote, Speech – Rachele.Foote@zacharyschools.org

Cierra Fountain, Music and Choir – Cierra.Fountain@zacharyschools.org

Amber Gonzalez, 5th Grade Math – Amber.Gonzalez@zacharyschools.org

Hayley Good, 6th Grade ELA – Hayley.Good@zacharyschools.org

Derin Gutentag, 5th Grade Science, 5th and 6th Grade Gifted Science – Derin.Gutentag@zacharyschools.org


Kynetra Hawkins, Math Intervention – Kynetra.Hawkins@zacharyschools.org

Rachel Henriquez, 5th ELA and 6th Social Studies – Rachel.Henriquez@zacharyschools.org

Amy Higgins, Spanish –Amy.Higgins@zacharyschools.org

Beverly Hill, 6th grade ELA – Beverly.Hill@zacharyschools.org

Gena Hopper, Custodian – Gena.Hopper@zacharyschools.org

Brittany Howard, 5th and 6th Grade ELA – brittany.howard@zacharyschools.org

Amanda Hughes, 5th Grade ELA – amanda.hughes@zacharyschools.org

Lakenya Johnson, 6th Grade Science – Lakenya.Johnson@zacharyschools.org

Nicole Johnson, 5th Grade Math – Nicole.johnson@zacharyschools.org

Karen Jones, 5th Grade Math – Karen.jones@zacharyschools.org


Cyndi Kearney, 5th and 6th Grade Sped – Cyndi.Kearney@zacharyschools.org

Jaime Knight, 5th Grade Science – Jaime.Knight@zacharyschools.org

Kiley Lambert, 6th Grade Social Studies – Kiley.Lambert@zacharyschools.org

Regena Landry, 5th Grade Science – Regena.Landry@zacharyschools.org

Christine Law, 5th Grade Science – Christine.Law@zacharyschools.org

Michelle Lewis, 5th Grade ELA – Michelle.Lewis@zacharyschools.org

Tera Lewis, 6th Grade Math – Tera.Lewis@zacharyschools.org

Antonio Limjoco, 6th Grade Math – Antonio.Limjoco@zacharyschools.org

Shelley Luevano, Sped Aide – Shelley.Luevano@zacharyschools.org

Tanya Manka, 5th Grade Math – Tanya.Manka@zacharyschools.org

Allison Melancon, 5th Grade Social Studies – Allison.Melancon@zacharyschools.org

Meghan Miller, 6th Grade Math – Meghan.Miller@zacharyschools.org

Miranda Morvant, 6th Grade ELA – Miranda.Morvant@zacharyschools.org


Dylan Nugent, 5th Grade Social Studies – Dylan.Nugent@zacharyschools.org

Kathryn Osborne, 6th Grade Social Studies – Kathryn.Osborne@zacharyschools.org

Brandi Pellissier, 6th Grade Math – Brandi.Pellissier@zacharyschools.org

Julie Peveto, 6th Grade ELA – Julie.Peveto@zacharyschools.org


Lakisea Reichard, Sped Para – Lakisea.Reichard@zacharyschools.org

Sandra Saye, 5th Grade Science – Sandra.Saye@zacharyschools.org

Katrina Shropshire, TOR Moderator – Katrina.Shropshire@zacharyschools.org

Dana Simpson, Sped Aide – Dana.Simpson@zacharyschools.org

Jessica Sloan, Computer Lab and Keyboarding  – Jessica.Sloan@zacharyschools.org

Heather Smith, Wilson / Intervention Teacher – Heather.Smith@zacharyschools.org

Jeannine Smith, 6th Grade Math – Jeannine.Smith@zacharyschools.org

Joni Stephens, PE – Joni.Stephens@zacharyschools.org


Carly Tamor, 6th Grade Math – Carly.Tamor@zacharyschools.org

Lashaunda Tate, 5th and 6th Grade Math – Lashaunda.Tate@zacharyschools.org

Melinda Trawick, 5th Grade ELA – Melinda.Trawick@zacharyschools.org

Amanda Trimble, 5th Grade ELA – Amanda.Trimble@zacharyschools.org

Carrie Trotti, 6th Grade Science – Carrie.Trotti@zacharyschools.org

Jessica Viator, 5th and 6th Grade Gifted ELA – Jessica.Viator@zacharyschools.org

Daniel Walker, Band – Daniel.Walker@zacharyschools.org

Kayla Watson, 5th grade Math – Kayla.Watson@zacharyschools.org

Reagen Webster, 5th Grade ELA – Reagen.Webster@zacharyschools.org

Tamela Wells, Intervention – Tamela.Wells@zacharyschools.org

Kathrine White, 5th grade Math – Kathrine.White@zacharyschools.org

Ladricca White, Counselor – Ladricca.White@zacharyschools.org

Vellanie Williams, 5th and 6th Grade ELA – Vellanie.Williams@zacharyschools.org

Jerodi Young, Sped Para – Jerodi.Young@zacharyschools.org

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